How does Tucows Downloads rate games?

The Tucows Downloads Ratings Guide for Windows and Macintosh games (60 points possible)


Step 1: The Review (52 points possible)

The following are worth two points each:

  1. Online resources: How is the availability of online resources for the game? Your application and site go hand in hand. With that in mind, your home page reflects on the application you mean to promote.
    1. 0 points = The game doesn't offer any type of online resources
    2. 1 point   = The site contains contact information and brief program information
    3. 2 points = The site contains contact information, brief program information, and online help and documentation
  2. Multi-player support: To what extent does this game provide multi-player support?
    1. 0 points = The game doesn't offer any type of multi-player support
    2. 1 point   = The game offers online play
    3. 2 points = The game offers network play

The following are worth six points each:

  1. Originality: What is the level of originality and creativity of this game or its storyline?
  2. Graphics or program interface: Are their any refreshing problems? How pretty does it look -- 8-bit or 128-bit?
  3. Sound: Does your game employ light-weight audio or bulky audio? How advanced is the sound -- Nintendo or XBOX?
  4. Control and navigation: Reviwer's rate on a range of mouse and keyboard elements implemented into your game title. How customizable are the controls and features? How easy can a user navigate your interface and movement?
  5. Game play and re-playability: Is the game play slow or fast paced? Is it easy to grasp? Does your game have replayability? Does your game hook the user for a second time around?
  6. Technical and installation aspects: Software Reviewer's take a look at everything in your installation process and check for conflicts with DirectX, .Net framework, or required gaming library by your title.
  7. Skill level and learning curve: How high is the skill level for this title? Is it hard to learn, or easy to pick up?
  8. Variety and pace of new features: Is there a wide variety of features? Does the game evolve by introducing new features as you progress?

Step 2: Overall evaluation (8 points possible)

The following are worth four points each:

  1. Reviewer's recommendation: Would the reviewer recommend this application?
  2. Reviewer's overall impression: By this point in the review, we've looked at everything in your application. With that in mind, the reviewer assigns points based on his or her overall experience

Step 3: Determining your cow rating (44 points possible)

The Tucows Downloads Rating Scale is determined by adding the total points for each criterion in Step one and two.

The Tucows Downloads Rating Scale:
30 to 35 points =
36 to 41 points =
42 or more points =


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