Software listings with no cow rating

Regarding Windows applications, PC Games and Online services:

While Tucows Downloads has the ability to test and review almost every application submitted, we periodically receive a product with primary functions that are impossible, cost prohibitive or foolish to verify. For instance, consider the case of a utility that was written to find, isolate and destroy certain rare computer viruses. In order to adequately test a program such as this, we would have to infect a computer with said virus and simply hope for the best. This is a circumstance that we would rather avoid. This is not to say that the application doesn't do what the description claims; it simply means that we have not independently verified the functions.

Another instance when we are unable to apply our Ratings Guide is the case of various server administration tools that have the capacity to produce conflicts with our in-house server configuration. We also apply this policy in the case of terminal emulators that require a great deal of set-up time before adequate testing can be performed.

As a general rule, applications that cannot be adequately tested with a single Internet- and LAN-connected computer will fall under this policy. In short, if we lack the sufficient expertise or hardware resources to perform the necessary subjective evaluation, the application will post to the archive as an unrated program with an edited version of the full description as provided to us in ARC. While this is extremely infrequent, it is useful to note that it is possible for these applications to appear in the Tucows Downloads archive based on demand alone. It is our position that, while it may be difficult or impossible to judge these programs by our cow scale, these tools remain useful and necessary to a large percentage of our users.

Regarding Macintosh:

To provide faster service to authors, Tucows Downloads Mac has become an automated site. As such, we do not routinely rate submitted Mac applications; however, Professional First-class reviews are available for $65.00. If you purchase a rated review and your application does not meet our rating scale standards, we will still host your product as a never-rated listing.

Regarding Mobile/PDA, Windows 3.x, BeOS, OS/2, QNX and Linux:

To provide faster service to authors, we no longer rate Mobile/PDA, Windows 3.x, BeOS, OS/2, QNX or Linux submissions.


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