Tucows Downloads removal policies:

User popularity scores

User Popularity is based on the number of total downloads a program receives within a given Category. If a program is the most popular in its Category, it scores a User Popularity rating of 100. User Popularity ratings decrease proportionately as the number of downloads a program receives goes down.

Unfortunately, due to space limitations and the demand for fresh content, Tucows Downloads must occasionally remove programs from our library to make room for new ones. When disk space becomes an issue, all non-subscribing developers who have a listing with a User Popularity score of less than 50 will receive two notifications explaining that if the listing's Popularity rating is still below 50 within 30 days, it will be removed from the software library.

What can you do?

Author Resource Center Subscription

Becoming a subscriber is the easiest way to instantly take you off the removal list as long as you maintain an active recurring subscription. However, long-term popularity can be created and maintained with promotion.

Promoting your product

Tucows Downloads offers numerous marketing campaigns to increase your page views, downloads and overall user popularity including:

  • Cost-per-click Keywords:
    With a purchased Keyword, your program will appear above the displayed search results. This is the easiest way to target end users effectively.
  • Cost-per-click Category:
    Cost-per-click Category is used for positioning your title in among its competitors. For example, if you are the top bidder for the Audio Players category in the Windows Multimedia platform, your software title will appear first when a user clicks on "Audio Players."
  • Prime exposure:
    www.tucows.com and Main home page positions offer four high traffic spots for cost-per-click bidding.
  • Banner advertising:
    Tucows Downloads offers banner advertising on a cost-per-million basis.
    120 x 90, 120 x 600, 336 x 280, and 728 x 90 campaigns are available.
  • Flat Rate promotions:
    There are three flat rate promotion spots: Featured Program, Top Picks, and Highlights. They range from $50.00-$350.00.

If you need more information about promoting your product with Tucows Downloads, please contact us here or by going to http://advertise.tucows.com/.

Taking another look

Periodically, our software reviewers will re-evaluate applications to confirm that it still meets our standards, based on the most up-to-date criteria. Titles submitted by non-subscribing authors will be re-evaluated before those of subscribers. This process occurs at random intervals and can result in the removal of your application from the software library based on your updated score. If your product is re-reviewed and removed, consult the applicable Tucows Downloads Ratings Guide, make any necessary modifications to your application, and resubmit your application using your Author Resource Center account.

Normal re-reviews:

To increase your chances of being re-reviewed without purchasing a First-class Submission, place any application changes relating directly to points located in the Tucows Downloads Ratings Guide within the Publisher Notes field in the software submission form.

Licensing changes

Programs are subject to immediate removal if drastic changes are made to your product without informing Tucows Downloads. This includes changes in licensure policy, license type, contact information, or any other modification that impacts our original understanding of your product or company.

Piracy policy

Tucows Downloads takes the illegal distribution of software very seriously. If it is alleged, and through our internal investigation we determine that you have submitted an application that is not your own without the express written permission of the actual author, all programs listed by you or your company will be removed from Tucows Downloads and your ARC account will be deleted. Any existing credits or Tucows Downloads Rewards points will be forfeited.

If you use copyrighted images in your application, without express permission from the copyright holder, you are subject to rejection.

Editorial rights

Tucows Downloads reserves the editorial right to add, remove or reject service for submissions or listings as we deem necessary.

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