How does Tucows Downloads rate Online Services?

Step 1: The Review (90 points possible)

  1. Usability: Is the Online Service easy to use? How easily were you able to find the services you were looking for?
  2. Selection: Does the Online Service have a range of services or products available to you?
  3. Helpful: Is the site helpful? Does the site offer clarity of service or product information? How clear and understandable was the service or product information?
  4. Value: This is scored in terms of pricing compared to similar Online Services.
  5. Functionality: This item deals with the overall look and design of the Web site.
  6. Ordering: Is the total purchase amount, including shipping and/or handling, stated clearly before ordering? Is the ordering process easy?
  7. Delivery of service: Is the product or service available to you immediately or is delivery delayed? Does the product meet your expectations? The correct product or service is delivered and works as described and depicted.
  8. Customer support: This is rated based on how accessible the customer support information is and what you offer.
    • 1 point = the online service doesn't provide any customer support.
    • 2 - 4 points = e-mail only
    • 5 - 7 points = telephone, fax, and e-mail only
    • 8 - 10 points = forum, live chat or some other form of technical support embedded into the program including telephone, fax, and e-mail.
      Please note: To receive forum points, you must provide adequate information therein. The forum should be a valuable, helpful resource for users, rather than a contrived space designed to score the extra point for this Rating criterion. To receive a 10-point total for this criterion, you must already meet the requirements of the previous criteria.
  9. Overall satisfaction: By this point in the review, we've looked at everything. With that in mind, the reviewer assigns up to 10 points based on his or her overall experience with the product or service.

Step 2: Determining your cow rating (90 points possible)

The Tucows Downloads Rating Scale:
40 to 59% =
60 to 79% =
80 to 100% =

**The rating scale for Online services is calculated by the total score divided by the maximum criterion point total.
Please note: If one or more criteria have ratings of not available (N/A), this will not count against the online service. When a category is scored not available (N/A), the reviewer was unable to test these features of the online service. For example, if only six of the nine items can be scored, then the score is divided by 60 instead of 90.

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